Do not compare a Polygraph Examination with any TV episodes or movies.

Our aim is Ultimate Accuracy and a Professional Service with any request in conducting a Polygraph Examination.

Some Points to keep in mind before you want a Polygraph Examination conducted:

  • A polygraph Examination is more accurate when conducting a Specific Issues Exam.
  • There is different Polygraph Questioning Techniques. (Some more accurate than others)
  • Techniques can include more questions than generally asked, but will affect the accuracy of the examination. (Generally only used when there is Multiple Issues on hand to be tested for. Example: Pre-Employment Issues. )
  • For more accurate results we use techniques with generally 4 Relevant questions or less.
  • 4 Questions may not seem like a lot, but generally the Examiner can bring 20 questions down to 4, which will answer all your specific questions.
  • More questions will be added for a reason by the examiner with certain techniques.
  • All questions will be reviewed with the Examinee prior to the examination. (There are no surprise questions)
  • The question will be asked to the Examinee a minimum of 3 times up to a maximum of 6 times.
  • All question sets will be added together for a numerical score to see if the Examinee was deceptive or not.
  • All exams are based on concrete issues and can therefore not assist in emotional subjective issues. (Example: Is he or she still in love with me?)
  • If the examinee fails on one Relevant Question he/she will fail the whole Examination. (When an Examinee is more worried about one relevant question and fails that, it does not mean that he/she was not deceptive on the other relevant questions…. Just more worried about that specific question.)
  • The Examination will take approximately an hour and a half.

Prepare for the Exam:

This is not a test/exam that you can practice for…Just be honest.

  • DO NOT attend the exam under the influence of narcotic substances. (Payment will be lost.)
  • DO NOT be accompanied by persons under the influence. (Payment will be lost.)
  • Payment is to be made before the exam. (Email Transfer)

Should you have ANY further questions regarding the use of the Polygraph Instrument, please feel free to contact the Examiner directly.