Polygraph Testing is used to identify the untruthful and eliminate the truthful in:

Periodic / Maintenance Screening:- Unidentified Criminal Activity With-in Work Place Post Conviction Testing of Sexual Offenders

Specific Criminal issues such as:- Theft/ Fraud/ Arson Assault (Physical or Verbal) Corruption Drug Investigations (Drug Use) Sex Crimes (Sexual Harassment) Child Abuse Domestic Disputes Spousal Infidelity (Affairs) Racial Abuse etc…

Pre-Employment Vetting:- Previous Conviction Undeclared previous employment dismissal Previous Undetected Crimes Syndicate Involvement Narcotic Usage Alcohol Abuse

Please Note: Legally Nobody can be forced to undergo a Polygraph Examination. The examination is done on a voluntary basis. However most Corporate Companies, Law Enforcement and Security companies has added an Employment clause in their Employment contracts, which indicates that the employee can be subjected to a Polygraph Examination on a periodic basis or should a specific incident arise. Failure to comply with the instruction would imply a breach of contract and can lead to Disciplinary action being taken against the employee.